All About
Our Boat
We rent boats to be used on Onota Lake.  Since we're right at the water's
edge, there's no need to transport them anywhere.  We'll give you any
instructions you need, help you in, and then off you go!

Sorry but we do not rent boats for use on other lakes.
Rental hours are 8AM to 5PM daily, weather permitting.  Last boat leaves our
dock at 3:30 p.m.  All rentals must be returned by 5PM at the latest; we do
NOT rent boats for evening use. (Sorry, NO rentals for "Live on the Lake"

Our rental season generally begins in
late May and ends September 30th.
Sorry, but due to restrictions enforced by our insurance company, we do
NOT  rent jet skis, ski boats, or sail boats, nor can you pull water skiers or
towables behind  any of our boats.
How Much & When Do I Pay?
We rent our boats by the hour.  After the first hour, we charge in half-hour

Half-day (4-hour) rentals are charged for 3 hours (4th hour is free).
All-day (8-hour) rentals are charged for 4 to 5 hours (up to 4 hours free).
(Click here to view current year's rental rates at
Rental Rates)

Payment is required before taking out a boat.  You'll need to decide up
front how long you want to go out for, and then bring the boat back on
time (since there may be someone else waiting to take it out!).  Also, note
that we do
NOT give refunds, so please take into consideration weather,
heat, young children, etc when deciding how long to go for.
How Many Can Go?
All boats manufactured since the 1970's are rated by U.S. Coast Guard
standards for maximum
person AND weight capacities.  The "person"
component applies to EVERYONE, including infants and small children;
a boat rated for 4 people can have 4 people maximum, even if one or more
are infants or small children.  The maximum weight capacity can not be
exceeded either.
All boats require rental deposits to cover any excess rental time and/or
damage to the boat and equipment.  The deposit required for each rental is:

Non-motorized boats:  Valid Driver's License
Small fishing boats:     $50 to $100 cash or credit card
                    (amount depends on horsepower)
Pontoon boats:            $250 CASH (no checks, no credit cards!)

Once boat is returned on time and undamaged, the deposit is returned in full.
We do NOT give refunds on rental time.  When you rent a boat for a certain
amount of time, the time must be used on that boat or forfeited.  You will
NOT receive a refund for coming back early, nor may you switch to another
boat during your rental period.
Age Requirements
You must be at least 21 years old to rent or drive a boat.  A minor may occupy
a single kayak if supervised and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
Experience Requirements
Although Massachusetts has no licensing requirements for operating a boat,
we presume and expect that all renters are competent enough to safely handle
the boat(s) they choose to rent.

We also require drivers of PONTOON BOATS to sign off on the following
statement: "I certify that I have sufficient previous boating experience to
operate this boat safely, and that I understand all pertinent Federal and State
boating rules and regulations."
Power boat rental rates include one full tank of fuel.
Life Vests
Rental rates include 1 wearable life vest for each person on board.  We have
vests appropriate for all sizes and ages, including infants and toddlers. Unless
you are required by law to actually wear your vest (see below), you can stow it
on/in the boat to use as needed.

Who must WEAR a vest (State Law!):
-  Children under 12 must whenever the boat is underway (IE, moving)
-  Canoeists and Kayakers before May 15th and after September 15th.
Other than pontoon boats, we do NOT accept reservations; rentals are strictly
on a first come/first served basis.

Reservations for pontoon boats are recommended, especially for weekends.  
Before calling us to reserve, please note the following:

1)  Pontoon boats have a 2 hour minimum rental time (4 hours minimum during
4th  of July week).

2)  It takes approximately 1/2 hour before the rental to complete the necessary
paperwork and boat inspection/check-out.  This does NOT count as rental time,
but you need to arrive 1/2 hr before your reserved rental time.

When making the reservation, you'll be asked for a credit card number and
$100.00 will be charged to it
immediately.  This is a NON-REFUNDABLE
advance partial payment of the rental fee.
(See "Cancellations" below.)

4)  Your actual rental time will begin and end based on your reservation.  
(Remember, you actually need to arrive 1/2 hour EARLY!)

5)  If you're more than 1 (one) hour late, both your reservation AND $100
prepaid portion of the rental fee will be forfeited entirely.
If, on the day of rental, it's raining heavily ,  we will accept cancellations up until
8am.  You must call to cancel.  This is the only condition under which we will
refund the $100 prepaid portion of the rental fee.
Although we do have on-site parking, it's often extremely crowded, especially
on weekends.  You'll most likely be asked to park in the lot "past the brown
cottage," (rather than in front of the store), and you'll need to park close to the
vehicles around you.  Please ask for assistance…one poorly parked car can
mess up the whole lot!!!   Also, if you're coming in large numbers, please
consolidate and arrive in as few vehicles as possible!
About Our Facilities
Please take into account the following before visiting us!                
We have an outdoor Port-A-John, but NO running water or "changing room."
There's a public restroom in Burbank Park which may or may not be open
and/or clean, and is not safely accessible to pontoon boats.
We sell soda, candy bars and packaged snacks (chips, crackers, cookies,
etc).  There's a Subway store approximately 1/4 mile away at the corner of
Pecks Rd and Valentine/Highland.
Sorry, we don't have one, but Johnnie's Variety (attached to the Subway store)
Public Phone:
Again, we don't, but Johnnie's does.
Cell Phone Service:  
Depends on your provider; most work, and those that don't on land often do
on the lake.
About the Lake
Onota Lake covers about 670 acres, and is about one mile long and 1/2 a mile
wide. Canoeists and kayakers typically take 1-2 hours to travel the perimeter,
depending on experience and weather.  

Burbank Park is open to the public, and runs for about 1/2 mile along the eastern
shore line of the lake (we're located on the northern shore).  There's a fishing
pier, boat launch, swimming beach, barbecues, play areas and plenty of parking,
but no vendors or other services.

The rest of the lake-front property is privately owned.
Can I Go Fishing?
You can fish from any of our boats, but note that anyone 15 or over technically
needs a
fishing license.  Also, we do NOT rent rods or tackle, although they are
available for purchase or you can bring your own.

We have a wide variety of fish including panfish (perch, pumpkin seeds, blue gill
and crappie), bass (both large and small mouth), carp, bullhead, pickerel and pike.  
The state stocks trout and salmon, though these may be difficult to catch in the
summer as they prefer deep, cold water.
You're welcome to bring food and/or beverages on any of our boats.  Please keep
in mind that boats to be returned reasonably clean (or you might lose some of your
deposit), so plan appropriately (e.g., potato chips and chocolate cupcakes may not
be suitable with small children).  You can
NOT cook/barbecue on any of our boats.
Swimming is fine…the water's clean, there aren't any snakes or man-eating
fish…just remember that our boats (other than pontoons) do
NOT have ladders,
so it may be difficult getting back in if you jump out.  We sell towels if you forget to
bring one!
Can I Go Swimming?
Can I Bring Food and Drinks?
on Onota Lake in Pittsfield, MA
463 Pecks Road
Pittsfield, MA 01201
(413) 442-1724
We rent:
-Non-motorized boats (rowboats, canoes, kayaks, pedal boats)
-Small fishing boats (14 foot "rowboat" with an outboard motor)
-Pontoon boats (also referred to as "party" boats)
We accept
MasterCard, Visa,