We oughta be called
"Onota Bait & Tackle"
Our FISHING selection rivals the big box stores, and then some.  
The store may be a lot smaller, but it's always packed full of the
things you want and need. Our favorite question starts with,
"You don't happen to have…," and the answer is usually,
"Yes, we do!" (or at least, "We can get it!")
We carry live bait ALL year long,   
including minnows, worms, and night  
crawlers, plus whatever else is in
season (like spikes in the winter and  
crayfish in the summer).  
So whether you're after
Trout, Bass, Pike, Panfish
(or just whatever bites),
want to come check us out.
In the meantime, here's a
sample of our offerings!
Hooks, Line (and of course, Sinkers).
Even sunglasses (in case you forgot yours!)
Fly Vests & Rods
Flies & Accessories
Trout & Bait Nets
Lots of Bobbers
Landing Nets
Combos (& Rods/Reels)
Fishing Tools
Spinning Lures (incl Mepps)
Kid's Gear
Spinner Baits & Jigs
Berkley PowerBait (galore!)
Trout Lures & Spoons
Thomas Buoyants
Soft Plastics (incl Senkos!)
Top-Water Lures
Downrigger Supplies
Lake Clear Wabblers
Pike/Muskie Lures
Crank Baits (incl Rapala)
463 Pecks Road
Pittsfield, MA 01201
(413) 442-1724
on Onota Lake in Pittsfield, MA