The most popular design in our area is the Aluminum Sectional, sold
in 4' wide by 8' foot long units. You can always add additional sections,
and they can be configured in countless ways.  There are 3 deck
options (aluminum, beige aluminum, or cedar) and each unit includes
2 mud pads plus your choice of 2 support poles in 5', 8', or 10' lengths.
We sell docks built by Hewitt Marine & Manufacturing
We usually have a few of the aluminum decked sections in stock,
along with additional configuration hardware such as various arm
brackets. All other docks (including the above sectionals in 10' long  or
6' wide sections) are ordered from Hewitt (located in Nicollet, MN) and
generally arrive in 2-6 weeks (depending on shipping schedule).
Another design is Vers-A-Dock, similar to the above but with two 4'x4'
removable decks that sit in 4'x8' aluminum frames, making each piece
lighter and easier to handle when installing & taking out for the winter.
In addition to the deck options above, they're also available in white
A somewhat pricier but extremely portable option is the Roll-A-Dock
design.  The standard size is 4' wide by 32' long with various decking
options.  The "water end" has large wheels attached to pivoting arm
brackets….just roll it in, and adjust for the water depth by using the
inboard mounted winch and cable and you're ready to go!
Please visit Hewitt Marine & Manufacturing's
website for more information (it's a beautiful
site with great slide shows!), then call us at
(413) 442-1724 for a detailed price quote.
on Onota Lake in Pittsfield, MA
463 Pecks Road
Pittsfield, MA 01201
(413) 442-1724