If you're 15 or older, you need a fishing license!
You can purchase one on-line from MassFishHunt at
Visit MassFishHunt for a complete description of rates, rules, and regulations (plus other
valuable information about area lakes and fishing!).  In the meantime, here's a quick list of the
cost of the most common licenses:
MA Residents:                                
Age 15 to 17                        $  3.00
Age 18 to 64                        $30.50
Age 65 to 69                        $19.25
Age 70 and over                  $  3.00

Age 15 to 17                        $15.50
Age 18 and over                  $40.50
3-day license                       $26.50
Each licensee is entitled to use 2 rods/lines in open water, and 5 hooks/lines
through the ice.  (If you're short a rod or tip-up, you can pick up one here!)
on Onota Lake in Pittsfield, MA
463 Pecks Road
Pittsfield, MA 01201
(413) 442-1724
Please note that we do not sell fishing/hunting licenses in our store.  They can be
purchased online or at the Division of Fisheries & Wildlife in Dalton, MA